About Us

Coughlin Hearing Centers launched as an independent hearing aid service in January 2019.   I am Barry Coughlin.  Previously, I was part of Hearing Care Professionals based out of Aberdeen, SD.  Hearing health services were provided in 9 outreach communities, some for 30 years or longer.  Hearing Care Professionals is operated by Dr. Patrick Coughlin and Ruth Coughlin, and I worked with them in the Aberdeen office for 10 years. Recently, I was given the opportunity to purchase the existing outreach centers from Pat and Ruth.  I was very excited about this opportunity, and jumped at the chance to keep excellent care and professional services in our rural communities.

I was originally licensed in 1990 and worked in the industry.  The technology 30 years ago had minimal capabilities to truly address specific struggles and difficulties that many wearers experienced.  All the advances that have taken place inspired me to get back into the hearing health profession, and I have never looked back.  Fast forward to today—the technological advances we can provide now, is equivalent to the growth in computer technology of the 80’s to the computer technology of today.  Today, I can provide a more comprehensive battery of tests, customize hearing aids to each ear, and if they choose, I can teach my wearers how to fine-tune their hearing experience with remote access.  Hearing aids are sleek, discreet, high-tech, and provide extensive options for my patients.  Yet, in a world where options overflow, I can also give you simplicity.  I do go the extra mile to ensure excellent follow-up care.  I want you to have optimal hearing health, so I listen to your experience, and add my expertise to provide you the best solution.

Like many folks, our life is family.  I am married to my wife Michele, and we are blessed with 6 children and 14 grandchildren.  Outside of work we are mostly homebodies and enjoy working on our older home, gardening, and volunteering at various activities in our church and community.  We travel from time to time, and enjoy each other’s company.